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2588 County Road 5 NW, Hackensack, MN 56452-2147

Resort Rules

To ensure a great experience for all guests and the community, the resort has the following rules.

Smoke-free cabins

No smoking in cabins. If there is an odor of smoke in the cabin after your departure, you will be assessed a $1000 fee for cleaning and disruption to the following guest.

Dog Policy
Pets are ONLY allowed in Cabins #1, #6 and #7 and require a pet fee of $400 per stay. Dog(s) must be leashed, must stay off all furniture, and must not disturb other guests. All pet waste must be picked up and discarded in dumpster.
Bed linens, bath linens and kitchen linens

Guests bring their own bed linens including sheets, pillows, comforters/blankets, bath towels, kitchen linens, bath soap, dish soap, paper towels, napkins, garbage bags, campfire/lounging chairs and life jackets. You may also want to bring disposable plates and cutlery. Please reference the Plan Your Stay page for more details on what to bring.

Each cabin has a charcoal grill. Please bring your own charcoal. Cool down used charcoal via soaking with water. Once cooled please place used charcoal in a bag and in the dumpster.
There will are designated permanent camp fire pit areas for guest use. Bring your own firewood. Keep campfires to under 1.5 feet in height. No large bonfires.
Quiet Hours
Resort quiet hours are from 10PM until 10AM. No loud music permitted during these hours.
Fish Cleaning
There is a fish cleaning shack for you to use. It is your responsibility to clean up after yourself when done using. A hose is provided. Please wash everything down, double bag fish guts and place fish guts in the dumpster.

Blue Water Resort respects and follows rules from the DNR. As guests of Blue Water Resort it’s required to follow all DNR guidelines. This includes but is not limited to the aquatic invasive species prevention and mitigation procedures, and jet ski regulations regarding distance they need to remain from docks as well as time of day they are allowed to be used. Links to DNR resources can be found on the Angler page.

Trailer Parking
Trailers are not allowed to be parked down / near cabins. Upon arrival please unhook your boat / trailer at the top of the hill in the designated trailer parking area. Each cabin has a designated spot. Look for your cabin number on the sign in the trailer parking area.
Car Parking
Each cabin will have two designated parking spaces. Signs are posted. Please park up to two cars in assigned spaces. If you arrive with additional vehicles please park in the overflow car parking area located to the left of the trailer parking area.
  1. Empty all garbage in dumpster. See property map for location of dumpster.
  2. All food must be removed the the kitchen, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer.
  3. Ensure all kitchen items are replaced in the cabin you got them from (ensure items did not get mixed up between cabins if you had a group between cabins).
  4. Replace key in lockbox.
Release of Liability
Guests and visitors of Blue Water Resort are voluntarily participating in the activity and presence on the property, and are participating at their own risk. All guests and visitors agree to hold harmless the Blue Water Resort and all affiliates of the business of any and all claims, suits or actions of any kind whatsoever for injury, death, liability, damages, compensation or otherwise.
No ATV use on resort property.
There will not be a property manager on site.
There are no lifeguards on duty.
Security Cameras

The property is under surveillance by exterior security cameras. There are no cameras in the interiors of the units.

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